The Little Yellow House on College Ave

Living on campus at Rutgers University, I never paid much attention to the ordinary little yellow house on College Avenue. I passed the house day after day and never thought twice about what might be happening inside. I would have never imagined that the ordinary little yellow house would have an impact on my college career until I started the Futures in Advancement Internship at the Rutgers University Foundation. On my first day at the Foundation, I learned that the little yellow house on College Avenue was home to the School of Arts and Sciences Development Office where I was placed as an intern for 10 weeks.

The School of Arts and Sciences development team quickly welcomed and integrated me into the world of development and the team taught me more than I could have imagined. As part of my work as an intern I was given the opportunity to receive real world experience as I worked on a multitude of projects that exposed me to front-line fundraising and the behind the scenes work that goes into it.

As a rising senior, I’ve always been a bit unsure of my plans for after graduation but the Futures in Advancement Program has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. This program allowed me to fully immerse myself in the world of development, it has introduced me to incredible coworkers, development professionals, and donors. Most of all, it has solidified my passion for non-profit work.

While my time as a Future is coming to an end, I’m looking towards my future with grateful optimism for all that I have learned through this program. I am eager for the next group of Futures and I hope that this program can change their life, like it has mine.

Rutgers Futures in Advancement
Rutgers Futures in Advancement. 6/5/17 Photo by John O’Boyle

Emily Calvo is a Futures intern in the School of Arts and Sciences.

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