Alumni Relations at RUF

It is now week 8 of the SIDAR program and I’m beginning to wonder where the time has gone. It feels like just yesterday I was getting up on my first day of the internship at 6:30 am, picking out the most business professional attire I could find in my closet, and making my way over to College Avenue, where I would impatiently wait for an hour in my car because I clearly woke up and got ready far too early for my own good. As I sat in my car, I began to wonder what the other interns would be like. Would everyone be friendly, would they be just as anxious as I was? Questions and thoughts lingered in my head about this world that has always existed, but that I was never aware of. Upon walking into Winants Hall, I was greeted by our very friendly staff who made the greatest efforts to get to know me and my peers. I felt welcomed instantly, and as the day went on my anxiety began to slip away. I personally met every intern and was able to chat about our interests and majors. I had no doubt that from that moment forward, we would build a close relationship and be able to accomplish great things as a united team.

I was set up with the Alumni Relations department and instantly began speaking to one of the senior staff members. I was intrigued by the amount of efforts my department made in order to keep our alumni content and well educated about the culture of our foundation. My unit host, Tom Hammond, set me up on a rotating schedule for the first two weeks in order for me to get to know each and every person in Alumni Relations. Eager, and with a notepad handy, I participated in every meeting and took as many notes as I could possibly fit in my 5×8 notepad (it’s not very big). I met with the events team, volunteer engagement, student engagement, Alumni Relations-Newark campus, Alumni Relations-Camden campus, Alumni Relations- RBHS, and I even got to sit in on a fascinating meeting in Times Square. I can’t thank my host enough for allowing me to rotate amongst all these talented individuals that have shown me their specific tasks, and have spoken to me about their career paths and what led them into Alumni Relations. Each and every one of you play a significant role in the success of the foundation and you are all truly brilliant in your own ways. Thank you to the Alumni Relations department for teaching me more about myself and what my passions are through your goal-driven mindsets and passion for what you do each and every day.

I know that there are a few weeks remaining  but I must say that each and every person has welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to ask away regardless of how basic or difficult my questions have been. Before this internship opportunity I was unaware of the opportunities that laid ahead within higher education and development. Eight weeks later, I can sincerely say that I can see myself in this line of work upon graduating from Rutgers University. I would like to thank all those involved in this incredible internship program for your time and patience with each and every one of the interns. You have all made our experience as wonderful and life-changing as it could be. May the remaining two weeks be a never-ending adventure with the wonderful people in my department and my amazing cohort group. Thank you to the SIDAR program for giving me this incredible and unforgettable opportunity here at the Rutgers Foundation. I hope you all realize just how much you have truly inspired us this summer.


Marina Costa 

SIDAR, Alumni Relations

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