Annual Giving at RUF

As the intern assigned to the Annual Giving department, I have learned a great deal about alumni outreach and student philanthropy. I have examined and updated the scripts used during phone solicitations and given feedback on the mail-in campaign materials. I am also in the process of contacting several other universities to learn more about their fundraising strategies, which will help both the Annual Giving department and the SIDAR interns as the feedback I receive from my research of the other universities will give me valuable insights into the best methods for reaching out to millennials. Later in the summer, I will run a crowdfunding project for a student group from start to finish.

I have already met and worked individually with most members of the Annual Giving team, and they are a wonderful staff. Our guest lecturers on the Friday session have shared a lot of interesting knowledge and personal anecdotes, especially when it comes to gifts given in kind, as these gifts have proven to be both surprising and full of hidden value. My favorite experience thus far has been the trip to the Red Cross on the seventeenth of June, as the staff there was incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and they were eager to teach us about the management of a non-profit that exists and functions on a national and international level.

I look forward to my next seven weeks with the program.

Sandeep Patankar

SIDAR, Annual Giving

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